Welcome! This is our home, as well as a community resource. Fancyland likes visitors, we just ask that you make arrangements in advance. Whether you are just passing through or looking for a longer stay, invite yourself for a rest, a rendezvous with a date, help out with gardening or land projects, meet up with your pals here, or just simply visit and enjoy the magic and calm brilliance of the place.

Costs:  There is no set fee for visiting. You can just self-assess your impact and pay what you can or use these sliding scales as a guide

SUMMER: $7-20/day per person (less if you camp out)

WINTER: $10-20/day per person (includes firewood)

If you have helped build this place or are a pal, please disregard these costs and enjoy! If you help work on the place while you are here, factor that in

Please bring your own groceries, unless other arrangements have been made. If you partake in shared meals, think about how you can contribute & pitch in beyond the sliding scale. And if you need to use basic staples, pitch in extra $

What Kind of Costs are We Talking About? Whether you are visiting or hosting an event, costs are minimal. Expenses are toilet paper, propane for cooking & showers, firewood, lamp oil, ice for coolers, laundry for bed sheets, and miscellaneous supplies.

Spaces Available:

  • Guestroom (the boathole) has a queen bed
  • Upstairs Studio- NOT AVAILABLE (residents living in there)
  • Guest Cabin (the parlor)- NOT AVAILABLE (resident living in there)
  • Camping outside
  • More info under “facilities/details” tab. Inquire to see if any indoor spaces are open

Length of Stay:  Visitors are welcome for up to a two-week stay, though longer stays (one month or more) can be negotiated. Just be in touch, and we can talk about the details.

What to Bring: Bedding and blankets are provided in each indoor sleep space. Bring a towel, headlamp/flashlight, extra batteries, water bottle, sturdy shoes. Visitors use a cooler with ice (provided). Be aware items can perish quickly. Additionally, in the summertime: sunscreen,  long-sleeved and light weight shirts and pants for mosquito protection, hat, sunglasses, earplugs, swimwear…

Expectations: You don’t have to work trade or do any kind of exchange to visit. It’s helpful if you want to pitch in on a few chores, but you can just do your own thing. Resting is a great way to use the space. If you want to work on land projects, there is opportunity to participate and you can find out what is going on. Just ask! In the warm months (May-Oct) is when projects typically happen.

How To Visit:

  1. Check the Calendar
  2. Call or email with some dates in mind
  3. Let us know how you heard about the place
  4. Communicate what you hope to get from your stay
  5. Check the “facilities/details” tab and let us know if you would like to reserve a particular space: guest room (the boathole); upstairs studio; cabin (the parlor); tree platform (the jolly roger); or if you want to camp
  6. We’ll let you know if the dates work
  7. We’ll pencil you in & reserve a space & send you directions

Guest Policy:

  1. Consider how you value the space and what it provides beyond the material and think about how you can support the project so that others can continue to share in it

  2. Please respect that we are trying to foster an anti-oppression and healing environment on the land, with intentional space for discussion and engagement around social and racial justice. We ask that non-targets of oppression be open to learning, not perfect. We understand that we are all human and injuries may occur, mistakes made. And we believe that holding each other accountable, including ourselves, should be a compassionate process. Additionally, we have received feedback from several people of color that because Fancyland is intimate and isolated (including being located in a rural, white-dominated county), it can be unnerving/unenjoyable to be the only person of color here. It may be important to know that historically Fancyland has been accessed by predominantly white people.

  3. Respect other peoples’ feelings and emotions and take responsibility for your own

  4. Utilize respectful forms of communication with others, hear what others are saying to you

  5. Respect personal boundaries, and rights to privacy, solitude, quiet and security and negotiate the use of communal space

  6. Care for individual and communal property

  7. Respect for the community infrastructure, decision-making processes, and the vision, goals and policies of Fancyland

  8. Cover repair costs that you cause

  9. Be responsible for communicating your ideas, needs and feelings. If you need support in handling oppressive behavior on the land, let residents know and we can assist

  10. Be conscientious of your presence in regards to the areas where you are a non-target of oppression

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