Art/Activist Retreats

Open Call for Artist/Activist Retreats 2019

Book for the June-October season of 2019

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How To Apply:

  1. Look at the calendar below to see if there are any schedule conflicts with your desired dates
  2. Contact to verify whether the dates you want are indeed available &/or if overlap is ok
  3. Fill out and submit application or any questions to:

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  • WHEN: Retreats take place June 1 through October 31
  • RETREAT LENGTHS: One week to one month long
  • AVAILABILITY: First come first serve basis
  • COST: There is no cost to you, but you bring and pay for your own food Donations welcome from those who are able or wish to make a financial contribution

Being of a small size, Fancyland offers artists/activists nothing more than the precious chance to work in a rural setting. This is an informal set up to encourage people to utilize the land as a rustic retreat for working on their creative endeavors or political projects. We wish to function as a resource of support for those doing their awesome work in the world, including herbal medicine makers, visual artists, writers, musicians, political activists, community organizers, collaborators, healers, visionaries, performers, and more…

Fancyland welcomes anyone who can seriously pursue their work without the benefit of electricity*, people who are psyched (not bummed) to work under the constraint of limited power. This arrangement is geared towards those that are self-directed, with the idea that the space is merely provided and then you do your thing without needing much else. Note: As a community resource, numerous people may be visiting during your stay, so be prepared for an ongoing shifting group of people on the land.

  * There is a small 100W solar panel for charging laptops, cell phones, etc. But bear in mind, only one laptop can charge at a time.

Retreat versus Visitor   The difference between being a retreater versus a visitor is that there will be more of an effort to accommodate your needs of the space and there’s no expectation of financial contribution. You have the option to come as a visitor, especially if you want to come for less than one week, but there will be less priority given to work around your needs regarding noise considerations, guest room  availability, etc…

Facilities  There may be a cabin, upstairs studio, or small guest room within the main lodge for you to stay in during your retreat. It will act as the main indoor space for you to work in as well. You may also work outdoors, on the deck, or in the jolly roger tree platform (click on “facilities/details” tab for further information, as well as “photos”).

Click here for an ARCHIVE of past retreats that have occurred at fancyland.