Live Here

Seasonal Stay or Longer Term Resident

Fancyland has 2 openings for queer/trans/allies who are interested in plugging in, sharing responsibilities and making this land project happen. Come now, for the 2017 Spring/Summer season, or longer.


This is an off-the-grid living opportunity to learn and grow your land-based skills. Come for a seasonal stay. Or consider becoming a resident. Live with simple technologies. Land stewardship. Gardening. Native plant landscaping. Chainsawing. Appropriate technology. Small building projects. And more…


You get… the “The Parlor” cabin or a room in the lodge

You give… In order to make this project viable, we each contribute some amount of labor and household expenses. But the arrangement can be a work trade, rent, or a combination of both. 

Be aware that off-the-grid living is more involved and more work than city living. There is always the option to explore and negotiate how to best accommodate varying abilities. Let me know if you want to communicate in this regard.

Be in touch if you want to discuss further:

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