Structures are a combination of natural building, salvaged, and new materials- all built with lots of love and help from friends. The place continues to be in development and is fairly rustic in some regards.


    • The lodge kitchen and common space are shared with residents
    • There is no internet
    • There is a small 100W solar panel for charging laptops, cell phones, etc. Keep in mind that only one laptop can charge at a time. Fancyland is basically off the grid and there is LIMITED ELECTRICITY, and only heat from a woodstove
    • The small refrigerator is for residents, so visitors/retreaters use a cooler with ice. Be aware that items can perish quickly
    • Bedding and blankets are provided in each sleep space
    • If you would like to bring an animal friend, please check-in first
    • There is limited cellular range. But there is a landline for local and long distance calls
    • You will be peeing outside- not in the composting toilets
    • Kids are welcome, but the place is not childproof. Depending on their age, we should talk about any questions or potential concerns
    • Groceries and general shopping are a half hour away in Arcata
    • There can be a lot of ticks and mosquitoes in the summertime
    • There is abundant poison oak on the land, though it is cleared from main areas and trails
    • In the summertime, it typically does not rain and temperatures will range between 70-100º during the day and 40-50° at night. Look up weather for Willow Creek, CA- not Arcata or Blue Lake. Click Here

SPECIFIC FACILITIES (check out the “photos” tab for images, and the “accessibility” info below for precise details)

Lodge: includes an indoor common space with a kitchen, living room, dining area, bathroom, “The Boathole” guestroom, and an upstairs studio that also has a bed. The lodge has a wrap around deck and outdoor kitchen

  • bathroom has a composting toilet and on-demand propane hot running water shower & sink
  • kitchen has a 4-burner propane gas stove & oven, and is fully equipped with cookware, utensils, cutlery, dinnerware and various accessories
  • BBQ grill
  • electrical outlets for charging laptops, cell phones, etc
  • landline phone
  • woodstove
  • piano
  • books & zines
  • games: dominos, scrabble, bannanagrams, cards, cribbage, backgammon, chess, checkers, homemade apples to apples, and more…

The Lodge

The Boathole” guestroom:

  • 1 built-in queen bed
  • a deskimg_2726

Boathole Desk     photos by @ines_ixierda

Upstairs Studio Space (sometimes a guest space, sometimes a resident space- depends):

  • 1 double bed
  • 10′ long work table
  • comfy chair
  • some art supplies

Upstairs Studio

The Parlor” cabin (sometimes a guest space, sometimes a resident space- depends):

  • 12′ x 12′ room
  • 1 double bed
  • woodstove
  • a dresser with foldout desk
  • screened porch with rocking chair

parlor original020

Parlor Inside

The Parlor Cabin


The Jolly Roger” tree platform for sleeping out

Le Shithole“: an outhouse composting toilet

Spaliday“: an outdoor wood-fired cob hot tub and solar shower

camping spots: multiple around the land

campfire pit… organic garden… and a fine hammock with a view…



This is not a comprehensive list, so for coordination around access needs, contact Sacha at the fancyland email address or call the landline.


Sheets are washed in unscented detergent. We also have unscented products (dish soap, hand soap, sunscreen) available if needed during your stay. We have been able to accommodate people around chemical accessibility in the past, but unless you communicate with us, chemical accessibility may be inconsistent.


Fancyland is only somewhat accessible for people with physical disabilities. The main lodge/kitchen has a wheelchair accessible entrance and wrap around deck. The campfire and parking are at the main flat and accessible, but not paved. There are surrounding slopes that are challenging, but there’s a path smoothed out for a walker or manual wheelchair (which would require assistance) which leads to the composting toilet. Everything else involves hilly terrain, including the solar shower, garden, jolly roger tree platform and the two other outdoor platforms.

The trees on the property are Bay Laurel, Oaks, and Douglas Fir. The Bay release a lot of pollen for a brief period in the spring. Mosquitos are very prevalent in the warm months. The land is covered in poison oak, but is cleared from the main area and trails. There is a dog that lives in the lodge but is not allowed on furniture. Goats and chickens on the land at times.


  • Hot running water is only in the indoor bathroom

  • There is no electricity in any of the structures

  • There are no light bulbs. Only lamp light, which is fairly dim lighting


The lodge is an open floor plan which contains the kitchen, dining and living room. By ADA standards, there is adequate (not maximum) clear floor space for wheelchairs. There are no carpets, just wood and laminate floors. Also on the ground level is the guest room and bathroom. Upstairs is a studio space or resident’s private room (depending).

Please let us know if you have specific requests regarding placement/heights of items. We have been able to make some accommodations in the past.

  • Battery-powered push-button light is just within door

  • Running water is at kitchen sink

  • There are two outdoor spigots attached to the lodge in public space

      • Spigot heights: 20” and 42”

  • Our water comes from a spring and we must only drink filtered water which is at the kitchen sink. Total Coliform and E Coli is absent in tests of the filtered water, but Total Coliform and e coli are present in tests of the unfiltered water. If particularly sensitive, you may want to bring your own drinking water.

  • There is a refrigerator for chilling medicines. But otherwise you will use a cooler with ice

  • There is no heat other than a woodstove

  • 2 stairs lead to the front door. Height of stairs: 8 ½ ” high

  • Front door width: 35”

  • Front door has full-length window

  • Front door is lever handle (does not require knob turning)

  • Kitchen sink height: 37”

  • Lever handle at kitchen faucet is 22” reach from front lip

  • Pull-button for filtering water at kitchen sink

  • Lower cupboard handles: 23” from ground

  • Upper cupboard handles: 60” from ground

  • Counter heights (no knee clearance): 37”

  • Pull-out cutting board height: 33 ½”

  • Kitchen Island height: 36 ½”

  • Dining table knee clearance: 28 ½”

  • Height of cooler: 36”

  • There are 5 back door steps with no railing. Height of back stairs: 7 ½” high


The bathroom is on the ground floor of the main lodge. There is hot running water at the sink as well as shower/bathtub.

  • Doorway width: 32”

  • Bathroom door is lever handle (does not require knob turning)

  • Floor clearance: 43” x 8′

  • Sink height: 34” with knee clearance

  • Bottom height of mirror over sink: 41”

  • 3′ Toilet grab bar height: 34”

  • Toilet seat height: 20”

  • Bathtub/shower dimensions: 30” x 59”

  • Shower head height: 68”

  • Bathtub/shower has rotational lever

  • Handheld shower nozzle and shower seat are options. Please let us know if you need these

  • Shelves at all various heights


The upstairs studio is inside of the lodge and reached by very steep stairs. It is heated by the downstairs woodstove but only receives some of that heat.

  • Width of stairwell: 34”

  • Number of stair steps: 11

  • Height of stair steps: 10”

  • Hand railing on left side only

  • Countertop dimensions: 2′ depth x 11′ long

  • Countertop height: 30”

  • Low shelves by stairwell

  • Space dimensions: 11 ½ ‘ x 17 ½ ‘


The guest room is on the ground floor of the main lodge. It is only heated by the woodstove in the main living room, so the door must be ajar to receive any of the heat.

  • Doorway width: 35 ½”

  • Door has U-shaped handle (does not require knob turning)

  • Door is solid core, not hollow, for best muffling of sound

  • Bed Height: 23”

  • Bed size: Queen. It is built-in and only approachable from one side

  • 2 storage drawers are underneath the bed at ground level

  • Desk height: 29 ½” with knee clearance

  • Floor space dimensions: 6′ x 7 ½’ (not including bed)


This 12′ x12′ cabin is sometimes a guest cabin, sometimes a private residence. Depends. It is reached by approximately 500′ of somewhat flattened out dirt trail. It is heated by a woodstove.

  • Ramp entrance:10′ long flat slope

  • Porch doorway width: 32”

  • Porch door has U-shaped handle (does not require knob turning)

  • Front doorway width: 31”

  • Front door handle is a knob turn

  • Bed height: 23”

  • Bed size: Double

  • Desk height: 27 ½” with knee clearance

  • Space dimensions: 12′ x 12′


There is an outhouse with a composting toilet. It is approximately 300 feet from the main lodge. Due to the slope, it is not accessible by wheelchair without assistance.

  • Doorway width: 33 ½ “

  • Ramp width into shitter: 31”

  • Ramp slope: level

  • Dimensions of space: 38” x 27” with turn areas of 31”X24” and 26”x17”

  • Toilet seat height: 18”

  • Grab bar height: 35”

  • Sink height: 32”

  • Hand washing jug dispenser is a manual push-button (some sustained effort). Limited flow of water

  • No mirror


  • The garden is reached by very steep trail

  • The garden beds themselves are on a fairly steep slope

  • Green house is at the top of the garden

      • Dimensions: 6′ x 8 ½’

      • Door width: 35”

      • Door has U-shaped handle (does not require knob turning)

      • Table heights: 38” & 39”

  • Garden shed, with tools and supplies, is at the base of the garden

      • Dimensions: 10 ½’ x 8′

      • Door is on a sliding rail

      • Door width: 29”


Shower and outdoor hot tub are both reached by very steep trail, located near the garden. The ground surrounding the area is sloped dirt with some smoothed rocks just around the stairs and platforms.

Shower platform

  • Dimensions: 3 ½’ x 6′

  • Shower knob: 42” high

Tub platform

  • 5 uniform stairs to top of platform

  • Stairs: 11” rise & 10” run

  • Dimensions: 7′ x 5 ½’ (including bench)

  • Bench height: 19”

Hot tub

  • Dimensions: 3′ x 7′ x 21” deep

  • Top lip of tub is level with the platform, so it is a step down into it


10′ x 9′

  • The tree platform is reached by 300′ of very steep trail

  • To enter the space, one must climb a wooden ladder

  • Small desk and stool


  • There are two platforms in different areas

  • Both are reached by very steep trail

Lower platform

  • Under construction

Upper platform

  • Dimensions: 9′ x 8′

  • Step up: 7”


11′ x 8′

  • The firewood shed is on the main flat behind the lodge

  • It has two small steps

  • The first step is 4” high and 9” deep

  • The floor is made of pallets and has multiple 1 ½” open-air gaps between wooden slats


14′ x14′

  • The tool shed is reached by 75′ of very steep trail

  • It is open air and only paneled on three sides

  • There is a short step to enter

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