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Open to New Residents or Seasonal Stays

Currently seeking new residents, and also open to seasonal stays (several months or longer).  If interested, go to the “Become a Resident” tab for details.

2016 Schedule of Summer Events

Need a good excuse to come visit fancyland? These weekends are a great way to come check out the place, plug in to some of the ongoing projects on the land, as well as focus on the highlighted activity for the weekend. The weekends are low-to-no cost. You are asked to bring food to contribute and we will collaboratively prepare meals together.

Please do feel free to come visit at other times as well. Just be in touch.

  • June 3-6: SEAWEED HARVEST & WORK PARTY. Come harvest seaweed on the lowest negative tide. Learn about tidal zones, identification, harvest and cleaning techniques, as well as bathing uses. Species include Porphyra (nori), Alaria (american wakame), Lamanaria (kombu), Sea Lettuce, Fucus (bladderwrack), and more. We will also make various seaweed recipes. The coastal harvest spots are a 45 minute drive from Fancyland and -2.0 low tide is at 6:45 am on Sunday. So, this is very early morning activity! Work party tasks will happen on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and involve gardening, land maintenance, building repairs, and deck preparations.
  • BUILDING A DECK: I am excited to build a wrap around deck from the front door of the lodge to the back french doors. This deck will be big enough to include an outdoor kitchen cooking area, picnic bench, as well as lounging and hammock laying spots. Deck preparations will start in June with a work party, and go all summer long until completion.

Please RSVP for any of the above events, and more details will be forthcoming.

Various levels of ability can be accommodated. Let us know if you have any specific needs you would like us to know about. There are a few indoor spaces, otherwise you should bring things for camping out. We have an extra tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad if you want.

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