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A rustic retreat and community resource for creative schemers and radical dreamers

Fancyland is interested in being support to the inspiring movement work many of you are involved in by offering low-cost space to organizations or individuals for group events. This is not a rental space business, and as such, there may be times when we are unable to accommodate your request. We are not looking to just rent space, but to build relationships and alliances with queers, transgender people, and allies who share a commonality of liberation.

Fancyland is a supportive space for small social/political/community events, private parties for groups of friends, gatherings, creative or instructive workshops, activist projects, skill shares, collaborations, affinity group or political strategizing meetings, group visioning retreats, and more.

  • Cost: Roughly $5-10/day per person or $100-200/weekend. Negotiable.
  • Duration: Fancyland can handle small-scale events for a duration of 2-4 days
  • Number of People: It can ideally accommodate groups of up to 20 people
  • When: Booking an event or group can happen in warm months from June to October
  • Lodging: Keep in mind that it is OUTDOOR CAMPING with one or more possible indoor sleeping space
  • Each participant will need to bring their own tent, sleeping bag and pads, etc
  • There is an indoor common space with kitchen, bathroom and a living room for meetings, and an outdoor kitchen and deck space
  • If you want to book an event outside of the timeframe listed above, you may get in touch and see if it can possibly work

Please be aware that you will be sharing the space with residents, as this community resource exists within a residential setting.

Fancyland provides the space and facilities ready for the event.  Event sponsors will be oriented to the facilities and delegated necessary tasks for their operation.  Sponsors should arrive a little early for a half hour orientation before the event starts.  Fancyland will assist you with the smooth operation of basic infrastructure and land logistics if any questions or problems arise.

Event sponsors will completely set up and run the show. They will be responsible for promoting the event, communicating with participants, bringing their own food and feeding everyone, hauling out their trash and recycling, clean up, etc.

Contact to see if your idea for an event or group retreat is a good match for the space, and to determine the costs of hosting your event.

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